Click the link to visit our hub site. You’ll learn how the Legal Shield Identity Theft Plan stands on guard to monitor your credit and identity plus assists if you fall victim to identity theft.

~ CBQ Services is an Independent Associate for Legal Shield ~


For Your Business:

CREDIT MONITORING:  Ask us about employee education and enrollment in Legal Shields Identity Theft Plan. Savvy employers know that educated and well compensated employees mean longevity and production. The Identity Theft Plan can be offered to your staff as a group as a voluntary enrollment or cost-effective fringe benefit.

COLLECTION SERVICES: Locally owned and operated since 1921! Call us if you are interested in a collection agency with:
- A 90-plus year history of placing the highest ethical standards on collection procedures. 
- A proven track record with local and regional businesses.
- Diversification. Helping you protect yourself and your business with credit information, credit monitoring and business office consulting.

CREDIT INFORMATION: CBQ Services has the solution to all your credit information needs. Trans Union, Experian and Equifax credit reports, scores, merged mortgage reports, fraud detectors, and more.




CBQ Services is an Independent Associate for Legal Shield.

You Get:

      • Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring
      • Web Watcher
      • Public Persona
      • Your Credit Report and Score And More!

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